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Prescriptions and certificates


We recommend that you contact us to obtain your unique username and password so that you can order your prescription online. This is the same system we use for on-line appointment booking.  The system is much safer as it is linked directly to your medical records at our Practice.  Therefore the medication list is always up-to-date and accurate. 

Items that do not appear on your repeat list should continue to be ordered in your usual way.  A summary of the ways in which you can order medication is below:

  • Online once you have obtain your username and password (login link at top of page)
  • By downloading the NHS smartphone app and completing the request form
  • By visiting us in person Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday 8am to 4pm

Please provide us 48 hours notice when ordering your medication. Our Doctors are consulting with patients all day and so cannot normally stop their consultation to complete your request immediately.  Additionally, this allows us to check your medication request and ensure your records are fully up-to-date.

Certificates (sick notes)

If you are off work for up to one week, a sick note is not needed as you can self-certify your absence. If you require a sick note (called a Fit Note from April 2010) because you are unwell and unable to attend your work then the doctor will usually be able to provide this free of charge.  All fit notes state the reason for absence from work or restrictions for particular tasks and the length of time you are expected to be off work.  The doctor will normally give you a fit note when you are seen.  In some circumstances a fit note may be collected from the surgery without seeing a doctor.  More information on fit notes can be found at