Robin Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre

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GP Practice Opening Times

Monday to Friday - 08:00 to 18:30 (7pm on Thursday)

Weekend and evening appointments are available at The Gables Surgery

Monday to Friday between 6pm and 8pm

Saturday - 08:00 to 13:00

Sunday - 08:00 to 12:00

Please call the usual practice number to book.

Staff Training days

The Medical Centre will be closed for staff training from 12 noon on the following dates until 8:00 am the next day.


  • Thursday 24th September 2020
  • Thursday 22nd October 2020
  • Thursday 26th November 2020


what we can do

Walk-in service

What? Our walk-in service is for patients who have a routine or urgent health problem.  We staff this service with a wide variety of experts including, General Practitioners, Nurse Practitioners, Specialists,  and even a Health Visitor!  We do this to ensure that you consult with the person who has the most appropriate expertise, skills and experience regarding your health matter. 

When? Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm

How? No need to call us!  Simply visit us anytime during service hours and we will book you straight in.

Pre-booked GP consultations

What? Continuity of care isn't about seeing the person you want, but seeing the person you need most, when it matters.  Whilst our walk-in service is our primary way for accessing routine appointments, we offer a number of routine appointments that are available in advance. 

When? Monday to Friday daytime, Monday to Thursday evenings, and Wednesday early morning from 7am.

How? These can be booked by patients online or by telephone.  Additionally, our GPs will use these if they feel that it is important that they see the patient for a follow up appointment.

Telephone consultations

What? Not every health problem requires that you see a GP or Nurse face to face.  it is for this reason that we make available a number of telephone consultations where you can discuss your health question, concern or request.

When? Monday to Friday each week.

How? Call the Practice and once your telephone appointment is booked, the GP or Nurse will call you around the specified time.

Treatment room (nursing)

What? Primary care nursing is an essential part of general practice: dressings, smears, pill checks, immunisations and injections, coil fittings; we aim to provide a fully comprehensive service for our patients.

When? Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm

How? Telephone reception or visit us in person and we will book you an appointment.

Chronic disease management

What? Chronic diseases are long term health conditions that are generally progressive.  Some diseases are managed by specialist nurses, such as: Diabetes, Chronic Heart Disease, Asthma Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Dementia; whilst others are managed by our GPs, such as: Depression, Hypertension, Osteoporosis.  These are not exhaustive and we provide care for a wide variety of conditions

When? Monday to Friday for routine care, Monday to Saturday via our walk-in service for urgent care.

How? For diseases managed by our specialist nurses, call the practice and arrange an appointment. For all others, you can utilise routine appointments, our walk-in service or telephone consultations.  Additionally, a number of conditions are actively managed, which means that if we don't hear from you, you will hear from us!

Health checks

What? Our Healthcare Assistants are expert in provide lifestyle advice and carrying out healthchecks.  They work closely with our Practice Nurses and very often will work in tandem, especially for patients who have a long term condition. 

When? Monday to Friday each week.

How? For a health check or lifestyle advice, call the Practice for an appointment.  If you have a long term condition managed by a specialist or advanced nurse, you will be recalled annually or sooner depending on your condition.  However, you can also call us to arrange an appointment with a nurse.

Care of the elderly

What? We have long been recognised as a leader in care of the elderly in the community.  We have employed our own Community (Practice) Matron, elderly care Nurse, elderly care Healthcare Assistant, and dedicated GP time to provide a proactive and planned approach to our elderly population.  We focus specifically on patients who live in a care home, who are housebound, or who are deemed at risk of an avoidable hospital admission.

When? Our care of the elderly team is an in-hours service working Monday to Friday each week.

How? They will work with you and, if you have one, your carer to schedule in regular visits to review your health, coordinate the care that you need, and provide you with a personalised care plan.  You will also be given a direct access number that you can call for urgent matters.

Medication review

What? We employ our own full-time Clinical Pharmacist who supports our Doctors and Nurses in prescribing matters.  Additionally, our Clinical Pharmacist carries out reviews of our elderly patients and also runs regular medication reviews for patients generally who require a review.

When? Our Clinical Pharmacist works Monday to Friday each week and ocassionally on a Saturday for easier access to our working population who have a long term condition requiring a medication review.

How? If you are part of our care of the elderly programme, our Clinical Pharmacist will normally arrange to visit you along side our Practice Matron.  For all other patients, you can call the practice and request a medication review with our very own Pharmacist!

Phlebotomy (blood tests)

What? Whether you have a concern about your health or an existing health condition, there are times when our Doctors and Nurses will want to carry out a blood test as part of their investigation.  That is why we offer a phlebotomy (blood) service each week for your convenience.

When? Our phlebotomy service is held most Wednesdays and Thursdays.  In addition, phlebotomy appointments can be booked with a Healthcare Assistant Monday to Friday.

How? Call us, or if you have just seen a Doctor or Nurse, ask reception to book an appointment if needed.

Sexual health

What? We offer a range of sexual health services including advice, routine and emergency contraception, and smears.

When? All our Doctors can provide contraceptive care through our walk-in service.  Additionally, we have a sexual health clinic each Thursday from 4.30pm to 6.30pm ran by our Advanced Specialist Nurse.

How? Call us to book an appointment for our sexual health clinic.  Alternatively, simply attend our walk-in service Monday to Saturday 8am to 4pm.


What? We provide a wide ranging vaccination service including childhood immunisations, seasonal influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations, catch up campaigns, and more.

When? Our seasonal campaigns happen throughout the year depending on the nature of the immunisation.  These will be advertise on our website, smartphone and in our Practice.  For all other immunisations, appointments are available Monday to Friday each week with a Practice Nurse.

How? Keep an eye out for our seasonal immunisation campaigns.  Additionally, you can call the practice and request an appointment with a Practice Nurse.


For our patients who have a chronic disease which usually requires annual monitoring, we have changed the way in which we review these patients within practice. We want YOU to take control of your health condition and play a part in deciding what treatment and lifestyle plan we put in place for you. You will be called in for your usual blood tests, blood pressure etc and asked a round of questions regarding your lifestyle including diet, exercise, smoking and alcohol consumption. You will then be asked to collect your test results from reception 7 days later, we will then ask you to look at your results and fill in some questions on what you would like to do to improve your health, ideas you may have to improve your overall wellbeing which will then be reviewed in your appointment with the practice nurse as well as any other tests you may require for your condition. This is to encourage and enable our patients to feel a part of their healthcare, decide what may improve things for them and set achievable positive goals for the coming year. 

Community Eye Clinic

What? As part of Care of the Elderly programme, we run a Leeds-wide Ophthalmology Service that accepts patients who are registered at any Practice in Leeds.  The service is for Adults presenting with a general eye condition, suspected Glaucoma, ongoing Glaucoma monitoring and eye minor surgery.

When? Our Eye service runs Monday to Friday each week and we occassionaly offer appointments on Saturdays.

How? The service is a referral only service.  This means that you must be referred either by (1) your optician service (2) your normal GP Practice (3) or an existing eye provider, such as a Hospital, if you wish to transfer your care to our service.  For more information, see our Eye Clinic page.

Minor Surgery

What? Our Doctors provide a range of Minor Surgery procedures including joint injections and aspirations, and invasive procedures including excisions and incisions.

When? Our Minor Surgery service runs throughout the month and the time will vary depending on the nature of surgery required and any requirement for Nursing assistance during the procedure.

How? Our Minor Surgery service is an in-house referral service only.  This means that you will have ordinarily seen a GP or Nurse Practitioner in the first instance before being referred for Minor Surgery. 


What? We provide a range of other services including sicknotes, non-NHS examinations, medical insurance reports, HGV and PSC applications, and private letters.  With the exception of statutory sicknotes, these services are not funded by the NHS meaning that there will be a charge.  This is to reflect the additional time required by the Doctor and administration team to complete the work, time that would have otherwise been used to treat patients.

When and how? Sicknotes can be requested from reception if it is a repeat.  For first time sicknotes, please attend our walk-in service.  For chargeable services, please call reception and book an appointment.  Make sure to explain to reception what you require so that we can ensure the appropriate time is allocated.