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Your medical records

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Your Medical Records

Your medical records are an important way of helping us provide medical care. You and your medical records describes how we use and protect your records. You can download this here

You and your medical records

The computer system we are using to keep your medical records is called SystmOne. It is used by a number of other medical services locally including the out of hours service Urgent Cambridge Care. We ask your explicit consent to allow other Healthcare Professionals who treat you using SystmOne to see the records we make, and for us to see the records that they make. We feel this helps support the continuity of your medical care, but we can only do this with your explicit consent. We have explained this a little further in Share Out Share In with SystmOne which you can download here
Share Out Share In with SystmOne

For more information on how your medical information is shared within Leeds, click here.
If you are happy to consent to Share Out Share In, so that other Healthcare Professionals directly involved in your care who also use SystmOne, can see your medical records, please complete the appropriate form and hand it in at the surgery
This is not the same as the Summary Care Record or Care Data. There is more information about these on this website. It is assumed that you consent to these unless you specifically opt out. You can downlad the necessary forms to opt out on the relevant pages of this website and then hand them in at the Reception

The NHS Care Record Guarantee gives you more information regarding your medical records and is available via the Health and Social Care Information centre and can be accessed via the following link
NHS Record Care Guarantee