Robin Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre

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Registering as a patient

To register, click "Register as patient" on pop up box or click here!


Any patient in the UK can register with us and benefit from our full range of services except for home visits - see below for more details.

Regardless of where you live, registering with us is simple and straightforward.  You can register using one of the following methods:

Complete the pop up form on this page, OR

Apply by email by downloading an editable application form in word format  here and email one completed form for each person you wish to register to 

Apply by post by downloading a PDF application form here and print off one copy for each person you wish to register.  Complete in full and sign, then post or fax the form to Robin Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre, Robin Lane, Pudsey, LS28 7DE, fax number: 01132 95 1440 OR

Text us your name and address and the number of applications you require to 07563 119947 and we will send you them in the post with a stamped self-addressed envelope, OR

Visit us anytime Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm or Saturday 8am to 4pm and complete a registration form at reception desk.

We can only provide home visits for patients living within a certain distance from our main Practice.  As follows:

Black boundary: patients living within the black boundary (our 'Practice home visiting boundary') can use all our services including our home visiting service. Our black boundary includes addresses with the following postcodes: LS28, LS13 and LS12 5. Please note, our home visiting criteria policy applies.

Red boundary: patients who previouslylived within the black boundary but who now live within the red boundary (our outer Practice boundary) can use all our services including the home visiting services.  Please note, our home visiting criteria policy applies.  Newly registered patients living outside the black boundary but within the red boundary will not be eligible for a home visit and should, instead, call 111 if they require a home visit.

Outside our boundaries: patients living outside our black and red boundary can still register with usand benefit from all of our services with the sole exception of receiving home visits.  Instead, such patients should call 111 if they cannot attend the Practice for medical care.

Our Practice Boundary

(see legend to the right)

Any patient with a UK postcode can register, but you must live within the black boundary below to be elligble for home visits.

Although sending information across the Internet means that privacy of data cannot be absolutely guaranteed, our online forms offer high levels of security.

Should you have any concerns about sending your personal details using the web, please use one of the alternative methods offered by our organisation